Velayarse is a Peruvian painter living in Vienna. He studied painting at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, graduating first in his class, and holds a master's degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation from the University of Barcelona.

He currently belongs to the IAA International Association of Art, is also the director of Accidental Gallery, and currently teaches drawing and painting at the Milat Foundation in Vienna-Austria.

I had never been concerned with understanding how the creative process worked. I thought it was enough to be an "artist" in moments of pure creation. However, it is at the end of an artistic work that it is necessary to go through a period of acceptance and understanding that a new spirit has been born. It is at this stage of professional training that I require a much more demanding intellectual exercise that makes me aware of my motivations. When I place a sign, an x, a cross, or a spiral, I experience a particular satisfaction. I see, and above all, I hear, that with this sign the painting acquires a certain visual and acoustic force. However, when I am inside a salsa orchestra, these structural changes within a musical composition unleash a rapid awareness where a part of my painted brain begins to generate alternative realities full of color and shapes that transcend my understanding, generating psychedelic visual explosions. When I improvise on a salsa descarga and accompany the hard-hitting trombone lines within what we understand as a "Solo" in music, the jubilation becomes an image that I would then seek to transport to the canvas. It is this experience that leads me to deep introspection and I begin to investigate within the arts, starting from a historical beginning from the appearance of these types of expression and looking for a bridge between my life, the social and anthropological existence of these two means of expression.


2017 - 2018. Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation, University of Barcelona.

2005 - 2012. Faculty of art PUCP, specialty in painting.

Individual Exhibitions:

2021. "ALARACOS", Accidental Gallery, Vienna-Austria.

2019. "Containment", Euroidiomas Foundation, Lima-Peru.

2018. "Desde Adentro", Espacio de arte Junín 421 Miraflores, Lima-Peru.

2017. "Madness Machine," Blütengasse 9 Gallery, Vienna-Austria.

2015. "Invisible Made Visible," Centro Colich Gallery, Lima-Peru.

Group Exhibitions:

2018. "Sobre el terra i sota", Petit Galeria, Lleida-Catalonia.

2017. "ABSURD", StudioP52, Barcelona.

2016. "Two Generations", John Harriman Gallery, Lima - Peru.

2015. "Territory", Gallery Blütengasse 9, Vienna-Austria.

2015. Opening Ceviche Old St Gallery, London-UK.

2015. Group exhibition Blend, Juan Parra del Riego Cultural Center, Lima-Peru.

2013. ¨Young artists¨, Forum Gallery, Lima-Peru.

2013. Exhibition 2012 graduates of the Faculty of Art PUCP, Germán Krüger Espantoso ICPNA Gallery, Lima-Peru.

2012. Exhibition students of the Faculty of Art PUCP in OSTRALE012, Dresden-Germany.

2010. Exhibition tribute to René Navarrete Risco, Gallery of the Municipality of Lima Pancho Fierro, Lima-Peru.

2009-2011. "Young Artists Exhibition", Dédalo Arte y Diseño, Lima-Peru.

2008. "Finalist of the National Contest of Young Painting", Pedro de Osma Museum, Lima-Peru.

2008-2012. "Annual exhibitions of the Faculty of Art PUCP", Lima-Peru.

Awards and Distinctions:

2019. Finalist painting contest "Mapfre for the arts".

2016. Finalist national drawing contest "Two Generations",Peruvian-British Cultural Center.

2012. Adolfo Winternitz Award First place of the promotion. Painting specialty, Faculty of Art PUCP.

2011. Adolfo Winternitz Award First place 5th year Painting Specialty, PUCP.

2008. Finalist in the National Youth Painting Contest organized by Seguros Mapfre.


Bernhard Hainz, Vienna - Austria.

Eduardo Hochschild, Lima - Peru

John Alexander, North Carolina - USA.

OSTRALE012 Biennale, Dresden - Germany.