I am a Peruvian musician and painter living in Vienna. I studied painting at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, graduating at the top of my class, I have a master's degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Barcelona.

Currently, I belong to the International Art Association IAA, I am also director of the Accidental Gallery, I teach drawing and painting at the Milat Foundation in Vienna-Austria and I am a cultural manager in the association IRARU.

When people talk about José Carlos Velayarse's work, they resort to defining it with the term informalist, which was adopted to refer to lyrical abstraction, as opposed to the tendencies closer to cubism or the geometric rigor of neoplasticism. However, I would like to approach -if necessary- a more pertinent definition, where the term informal art coined by Michel Tapié or art Autre (art autre), on non-geometric abstract art, maybe the field where our young artist investigates. About interpretations of noise and music that the artist has declared as part of his process, it is good to remember that Henri Matisse was a violinist, the same as Paul Klee. JODE is a salsa percussionist and manages to identify more colors than shapes "since I am a percussionist and in a matter of colors I could interpret it with beats", making it clear that his perception reacts to the sensations caused by the sound. "It seems to me that I identify the field with the color orange, I don't know why, and the sea with green or blue colors, the silence I identify with the color lead, I don't know why either..." Kandinsky's famous compositions were, in reality, paintings of symphonies, mostly by Russian authors. JODE speaks violently of the traces of their existence "with involuntary or often harmful irruptions that dissolve in flashes of light, in the resulting precipitous images and in drawings formed by liquids throwing into time that is still present as a source, or even as part, of energy." These paintings project what the artist himself ventures as "a ramshackle style." It is this unstable - almost always invisible - relationship of the parts to the whole that anticipates the zigzags, symbols, and stains. JODE goes beyond the margins of his paintings, he escapes the time that follows him forming barriers or inner blockages. Invisible has become visible because Lima has not been gray for a long time, and that JODE.


2017-2018. Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation, University of Barcelona.
2005-2012. Bachelor of Fine Arts with a mention in painting, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Solo exhibition:
2022. "VIENNA, ORDER AND CHAOS", Dante Cancino Art Gallery, Vienna-Austria.
2021. "Alaracos", Accidental Gallery, Vienna-Austria.
2019. "Containment", Euroidiomas Foundation, Lima-Peru.
2019. "From inside", Junín 421 Espacio de Arte Miraflores, Lima-Peru.
2017. "Madness Machine," Blütengasse 9 Gallery, Vienna-Austria.
2015. "The invisible made visibly", Centro Colich Gallery, Lima-Peru.
Group exhibitions:
2022. "Colour of Life," Galleria Alberi, Vienna-Austria.
2018. "En la terra i sota", Petit Galeria, Lleida-Catalonia.
2017. "ABSURD", StudioP52, Barcelona-Spain.
2016. "Two generations", John Harriman Gallery, Lima-Peru.
2015. "Territory", Blütengasse 9 Gallery, Vienna-Austria.
2015. Opening Ceviche Old St Gallery, London-UK.
2015. Group exhibition Blend, Centro Cultural Juan Parra del Riego, Lima-Peru.
2013. "Young artists", Forum Gallery, Lima-Peru.
2013. Exhibition of 2012 graduates of the Faculty of Art PUCP, Germán Krüger Espantoso ICPNA Gallery, Lima-Peru.
2012. Presentation of students of the Faculty of Art PUCP in OSTRALE012 BIENNALE, Dresden-Germany.
2010. Exhibition tribute to Renne Navarrete Risco, Gallery of the Municipality of Lima Pancho Fierro, Lima-Peru.
2009-2011. "Young Artists Exhibition", Dédalo Arte y Diseño, Lima-Peru.
2008. "Finalist of the National Contest of Young Painting", Pedro de Osma Museum, Lima-Peru.
2008-2012. "Annual exhibitions of the Faculty of Art PUCP", Lima Peru.
Awards and distinctions:
2020. Finalist of the national drawing contest "Two Generations", Peruvian-British Cultural Center.
2019. Finalist painting contest "Mapfre for the arts".
2016. Finalist national drawing contest "Two Generations" Peruvian-British Cultural Center.
2012. Adolfo Winternitz Award, First place in graduation.
2012, Painting Specialty, Faculty of Art PUCP.
2011. Adolfo Winternitz Award, First place 5th year Painting Specialty, PUCP.
2008. Finalist in the National Young Painting Contest organized by MAPFRE.
2008. Finalist in the Doodle art Drawing Contest, Red Bull and Dunkelvolk.
Interesting facts:
2019. GLACIAL MAMBO album, Glacial Mambo Orchestra.
2014. Album EYACUMBE, Orquesta Fausto.
2010. Book of drawings "Line and body".
2019. Drawing book "Poesía joven".
Art collections:
Bernhard Hainz, Vienna - Austria.
Eduardo Hochschild, Lima - Peru
John Alexander, North Carolina - USA
Biennial OSTRALE012, Dresden - Germany.