Music, forest, fire, Charlie Parker, Eddie Palmieri, roots, color control, turquoise, bursting inside a balloon, feeling vibrations, automatism, flavor hits, uncontrolled wind, obsession, vision, few people know what I see, (say-paint-think-execute, all at once) Pthalo Blue, excessive composition, "composition of life", feel-feel-feel-feel-feel game. / Tiger eyes, brush dreams, houses and cows floating, light lemon yellow, children, cucumber Santino, animal, green leaves sweating color, the cursed cube that always appears shameless, collection of battered drawings, medium cadmium red, teach me, captivate what influences, just congas after timbales, pretty darling, flirty table, lime, moon, bare feet, ultramarine blue that accommodates everything, decomposing, not so rough nor so wise, yes not-quite the opposite, reggae, flowers, room shade, life inside an orange, medium cadmium yellow, arroz chaufa and chicken broth, palette always on the table, streets, just congas and timbales again, gold and silver, Schiele, Kooning and Monet, cutting, curing, iced tea , cooking for others, toasting, running, listening, mother, bonfire, cold in the morning, laughing !!! Behold the dampness of the walls, fleas, hot water, cobalt blue. miss ... and love.