The word "alaraco" comes to Latin America from Arab migration and has settled mainly in Chile and Peru. (As an exaggeration when expressing a feeling). The use of this word has evolved without losing its essence as such, now we can interpret it as a word that refers to exaggerated things, that turn "nothing" into a scandal in a very natural way.

Painting has been my path to follow for many years, but it is in this moment of true awareness and latent firmness, where I can experience the real emotional and affective change, where colors accompany me as hope for life, where the harmonies of contrasts give me shelter and vehemence, where I can convince myself with emotion that the paths we take, whatever they may be, will always be the right ones to teach and educate us.

"Alaracos" is born as that exacerbated rebelliousness that seeks to integrate into a new city, that desire to shout until exhaustion, that exaggeration of sonorities, like that exclamation during a trumpet solo in a salsa descarga "puta qué alaraco ese causa"...

Like those colors that seek to shout, to say that they are here, and to make it clear that this has just begun.